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When a member registers for one of the upcoming events below, the site recognizes the email address of all "active" members, and will offer the "Member Free" option. Otherwise, only the options that require an event fee will be displayed, which typically applies to non-members and lapsed members. MEMBERS MUST RENEW THEIR MEMBERSHIP FOR FY 2019-2020 BEFORE THEY CAN REGISTER.

Members desiring to register a guest can use either the member's or guest's email address. You should supply the guest's contact information. Selecting the "Guest of Member" option, and the "Online payment" option will prompt for the event fee payment and direct you to the PayPal gateway, allowing you to enter your credit card info.

For Speakers, before beginning registration ensure that you have the special code that provides a free registration when you select the "Speaker" registration type. Contact one of the officers if you have any questions.

To ascertain if you have already registered for a meeting, attempt to register for the meeting. If you are already registered, an info message will indicate you are "Already registered," and will give you the options of either: 1) Review the registration(s); or 2) New Registration (Register another).

To register for the Carolinas Cash Adventure Conference, you need to go to the CCA Website to register:

Registration for each meeting is generally CLOSED five days before the event, in order to give the facility a head count. For some events the registration is closed earlier, once the maximum capacity is reached. Please register early. 

Upcoming events

    • 01 Jan 2021
    • (EST)
    • 01 Jan 2022
    • (EST)
    • Sponsorship throughout the 2020-22 Yr



    North CarolinaTreasury Management Association (NCTMA) would like to express our sincere appreciation to corporate sponsors for the 2020/2021programming year!  Without their support, our organization would not be able to produce the quality programs that many treasury professionals benefit from each year.  Additionally, NCTMA excess revenues help fund scholarships at various universities in the state. There is only one sponsorship level - $500. The sponsor receives the following benefits:
    • Sponsoring company logo appears on signage placed at both registration table and in the meeting rooms for each meeting throughout the year. (September Tee-Off for Treasury Conference; October Meeting;  December  Meeting; February  Meeting; & March Meeting).
    • Sponsoring company may place promotional items and/or one 8 ½ x 11 sponsor company brochure at a designated table at the September Tee-Off for Treasury conference, which this year will be held at the O'Henry Hotel in Greensboro.
    • Sponsoring companies are recognized at each meeting throughout the year.

    While not a prerequisite for being a sponsor, the corporate entity is encouraged to have one or more members represented in the NCTMA membership. Complimentary registrations for meetings are not offered to sponsors.

    • 20 Apr 2021
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom link is in the confirmation email

    SESSION TITLE: Predicting Faster Payments: The Fraud , the Need for Security, and More          


    Kevin Olsen, AAP, NCP, APRP

    The Payments Professor & SVP Payments Solutions VSoft Corporation

    For the greater part of the past two decades Kevin has been managing development and delivery of education services, including in-person classes, web conferences, and webcast. Kevin develops programs, presentations, and articles designed to orient and educate financial professionals on a multitude of electronic payment topics. Kevin is the Payments Professor bringing enthusiasm and motivation to presentations. Viewing the world as a classroom which is exemplified in the professor’s “edutainment” ed-u-tain-mint (noun\ When education is motivating, informative, and fun) style of training as he seeks to educate and inform all on the latest developments and trends in the fascinating world of electronic payments

    Among his many certifications Kevin is an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP), an Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP), and an NCP (National Check Payments Certification) as well as an NCP Certified Trainer.


    Join the Payments Professor to hear what he believes are the top ten happening in the world of electronic payments in the year and decade ahead. What should you be on the loo out for, what is already happening and what will happen. As with everything in payments and electronic banking, don’t be surprised to see mention of fraud and the need for security, but is it the same fraud and security we have seen in the past, or is it changing and evolving as we work to implement new payment offerings? How will you need to change and evolve? One thing we can predict is that when you sign up for this session you’re in for some fun, energy, and entertainment with the Payments Professor! 

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